The Heart of Winter Mittens

I’ve been amazed of my blogs international intrest. Especially since my posting language is Finnish and it’s going to be so in the future too. My patterns have caught international attenttion and the translations have been offered for me without asking. This was the story with The Heart of Winter Mittens- pattern as well. I hope you can enjoy this pattern. Special thanks to Valerie.

Here is the link to the pattern.

P.S. Leave a comment (You can do it in English.) if you use this pattern, please. (It would be fun to see your version and share the knitting experience.)


2 kommenttia artikkeliin ”The Heart of Winter Mittens

  1. Help!!!
    The first row of the lace pattern has 4 circles (therefore, four additional stitches are created. There are only two triangles (one black, one empty) so only two stitches are decreased. This leaves a net increase of two stitches for the row. This means there are now 24 stitches in total on N3 and N4…but Row 3 of the lace pattern only deals with the original 22 stitches. What do I do?


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